WX-8200 White 10W Magent Wireless Charger

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Compatible With PD/QC Protocol And Multiple Wireless Charging Devices
And iPhone/Android Wireless Charging

• Magnetic wireless charger, 10W full speed increase, compatible with PD/QC protocol and a variety of wireless
charging devices, intelligently identify charging power.
• Magnetic positioning can automatically attract, increase coil alignment, and improve charging efficiency.
• With overcharge protection, there is no need to worry about overcharge and heat damage to the phone, and
sleep at night is more secure.
• Magnetic suction type wireless charging, play games without getting stuck, charging without going through
the interface, and play willfully.
•USB-C output port, fast charge and speed up.

Input: DC5V⎓2A(Max)
Power: 5W/7.5W/10W/
Output voltage: DC5V⎓1A, 8.5V⎓1.4A(Max)
Cable length: 1m
Size: 61*61*8(mm)
Weight: 49g


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